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Calgary: Building code changes will prevent kids from falling out windows, city says

Posted: 08/01/20

15% of major trauma patients at Alberta Children's Hospital in 2016 were children who fell out windows


Parachute Kids Safety Week

Posted: 15/04/19

Taking place June 3 to 9, 2019, Parachute Safe Kids Week will focus on the topic of preventing harm from children's falls in the home and at play.


Window Safety Week

Posted: 02/04/19

Windows let in light and fresh air, and can provide breathtaking views, but they also are vital to safety. It's important to understand what you can do to observe window safety, especially when young children are in the home.


Window and Balcony Safety committee -

printable page

Safety Tips - DOs & DON'Ts


  • DO lock rooms that are unsupervised
  • DO educate children about risks and dangers associated with windows and balconies
  • DO install and maintain window and door safety devices
  • DO ensure that safety devices have emergency release mechanisms so that they do not impede emergency escape or rescue
  • DO complete a safety check with your child's caregiver to ensure they understand potential dangers around windows, balconies and decks


  • DON'T allow children to play near windows, balconies or decks unsupervised
  • DON'T keep furniture or other climbing hazards near windows or on balconies and decks
  • DON'T underestimate a child's mobility. Children begin climbing before they can walk
  • DON'T underestimate how quickly young children can learn. Children may be able to unlock doors and windows to gain access to dangerous areas without you realizing it
  • DON'T rely on screens as safety devices. Screens keep bugs out - not children in